Taylor/Rohrich Associates Inc. is an award winning advertising agency, focussed primarily on marketing and advertising new homes and condominiums. With 30 years’ experience in real estate marketing, the principals of Taylor/Rohrich Associates Inc. bring a wealth of knowledge and depth of understanding that is unrivaled.

A business must be guided by a set of principles, which embody the attitude that the business and its employees have toward their clients, their co-workers, and their suppliers. As such, the principles set out below define Taylor/Rohrich's business philosophy.

It is our mission:
  • To offer the best and most conscientious service to our clients
  • To provide ethical marketing programs that recognize and respect the bounds of good taste
  • To assist our clients in reaching the largest possible qualified audience
  • To conduct our business in a straightforward, honest manner, acknowledging expectations of profitability with both our clients and suppliers
  • To diligently ensure that marketing campaigns are truthful and not purposefully misleading
  • To provide a supportive environment of professionalism, personal growth and
    financial stability to our employees